FRTN50 - Optimization for Learning

Course Program

The course program contains the schedule and all relevant information regarding lectures, exercises, content, logistics, deadlines etc. The course program and other course material will be updated when needed.

Covid-19 Policy

Our policy is based on our department's general guidelines . The policy can be found in the course program.

Zoom Meeting Invites

See the following Announcement .

Lecture Videos

Some lecture videos (that are short flipped classroom type videos, not lecture recordings) can be found here.

Intended use: The videos are intended for active listening. This means pausing, skipping 15 s back (or forward) within video to repeat, e.g., an argument, skipping between videos to recall concepts, changing playback speed, and maybe taking notes and verifying calculations while watching.

Lecture videos for the remaining lectures are recorded during live Zoom presentations and can be found here.

Lecture Slides

Exercise Material



Old exams

2020-10-26 (with solutions)

2019-10-28 (with solutions)

Test exam (with solutions)

Additional material

Smoothness and strong convexity duality