Linear and logistic regression

Linear and logistic regression

FMSN30/MASM22 Linear and logistic regression, 7.5hp
FMSN40 Linear and logistic regression with data gathering, 9hp

New 16/3-20: Help on working in groups in Canvas, basic R-commands for linear regression, and slides, R-code and data for the first two lectures added.

New (26/2-20): Forgot to apply?

Make a late application at or no later than 29 March.

Course start

Updated 17/3-20: Course start and first lecture online in Canvas MH:Riesz at 13.15-15.00 on Monday 23 March 2020. See the full schedule under Introduction. You have to be admitted to the course and logged in in Canvas to follow the lecture. Slides and related material are available without logging in.



You must have passed a basic course in Mathematical statistics or Statistics in order to be admitted to this course. Contact the director of studies if you have questions regarding this.

Compulsory parts

You can find all compulsory items under Assignments in the left hand menu. Their deadlines are listed in the course summary below. These deadlines are hard deadlines!

New (26/2-20): Examination: an overview.

Course structure

The course is divided into three parts: Linear regression, Logistic regresssion, and Other regressions. Each part is examinated by a project. You can find the outline under Modules in the left hand menu. All lecture notes and other material will show up under the relevant modules.


Anna Lindgren,, tel: 046-2224276, MH:136.

Course administration

Susann Nordqvist,, tel: 046-2228550, MH:221.


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