Course syllabus

Matrix Theory is given by the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Engineering. The course is also available for students enrolled in the Bachelor´s or Master´s Programme in Mathematics at the Faculty of Science who can take this course as an optional course on upper basic level within their programme. Also, an extended version of the course can be taken of Ph.D students from both faculties.
The course codes are as follows for the different student categories:

Course contents

The course covers matrices, linear spaces, spectral theory, the Jordan normal form, matrix factorisations, matrix polynomials and functions, norms, scalar products, normal matrices, quadratic and Hermitian forms, the least squares method, pseudo-inverses and non-negative matrices.

The teaching consists of lectures, exercise classes and two smaller programming assignments. Note that the lectures are scheduled in the Riesz Lecture Hall in the Mathematics building but are planned to be be held online via Zoom at least during the first half of the autun semester.

The course is assessed through a written home examination and an appurtenant oral examination and the assignments mentioned above. More detailed information can be found on the links above corresponding to the different course codes.
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Course Literature
A. Holst, V. Ufnarovski, Matrix Theory, 2014 (Studentlitteratur), 2013(KFS) or 2012 (KFS)
Schedule and Detailed information
  • Schedule (TimeEdit), Autumn 2021
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