Course syllabus

MATA22 Linear Algebra 1 is a compulsory course for a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics. The course is given at half-pace during the first half of the semester and runs in parallel to the course MATA21 Analysis in One Variable.

The course gives an introduction to basic linear algebra with emphasis on analytic geometry in two and three dimensions, comprising the concepts of vectors, bases and coordinates, linear dependence, equations of lines and planes, inner product, quadratic curves, distances and angles, vector and volume product, area and volume as well as of systems of  linear equations, Gauss elimination, matrices, determinants and an introduction to linear spaces and transformations.

The teaching consists of lectures, seminars, exercise classes and mentoring hours.

The examination consists of the following parts:

The individual examination parts are graded Pass or Fail. The grading scale for the whole course is Pass with distinction, Pass and Fail.

Course literature

  • J. Ström, K. Åström, och T. Akenine-Möller, Immersive Linear Algebra, 2016

  • Karl Gustav Andersson, Lineär algebra, 2000 (Swedish). Lecture notes in English are provided by the department.

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