Course syllabus


The course presents the development of the chemical engineering industry, important industrial processes, feedstocks and products. The topics covered in the course are the history of the chemical industry, chemical processes based on oil and gas, bulk and special chemical production processes, the future of the process industry and an introduction to catalysis.


Moulijn, Makkee & van Diepen (2013) Chemical Process Technology, 2nd ed. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. [CPT]

Chemical Engineering Processes. Course compendium. Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University (2017). [CEP]

Lecture presentations.

The course compendium is sold at Mediatryck in KC.


There are usually three lectures every week for seven weeks. All lectures will be given in English via zoom, links will be provided separately. The lecture presentations will be uploaded to the course webpage on Canvas after the lecture.

Project assignment

The project assignment will be presented in detail during the second week of the course. The assignment will be solved in groups of three or four students. The assignment is a case study on a specific chemical product. The task is to propose a new production route for the product from renewable feedstocks. The assignment should be presented in a report approx. 10 pages long and in an oral presentation for all groups. The assignment also includes that each group should peer-review the report of another group and give feedback on the report before the final deadline. There will be scheduled workshops to work with the assignment and discuss it with the teaching assistant every week. The assignment will, however, require more work than these scheduled hours.

Written exam

The written exam will include questions on all topics presented in the course. The language of the exam is English. It will be allowed to use a dictionary during the exam. The exam will consist of 6 questions with 10 points awarded per question. The grades will be 30 points for a grade of 3, 40 points for a grade of 4 and 50 points for a grade of 5. The exam is scheduled for October 28th. The exam will be taken from an off-site location using a suitable technology platform, e.g. zoom. Please remember that you must register for the exam.